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Tuesday, 24-04-2018
What's new on my page?
  • November 2016 - link to Walk 21 Conference added
  • May 2015 - new publication for Velo-City 2015 Conference added: Taxis and Bicycles

I have been a Managing Board Member of the European Institute for Sustainable Transport (EURIST) since February 2012 and I was also a founding member of EURIST.

The EURIST e.V. is a non- governmental organisation promoting policies that improve the environmental, social and economic sustainability of transport around the world, with a particular focus on non- technological solutions.

International Charta

Walk21 exists to champion the development of healthy sustainable and efficient communities where people choose to walk.
Please support this Charter by signing it here.
pdf-file with more information in German

Velo-City 2017

13. – 16. Juni 2017

Arnhem-Nijmegen, Netherlands

velo-city conference 2017

"30kmh – making streets liveable!"

European Citizen´s Initiative

You can determine the future of your European cities!

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  • This Site is all about sustainable transport with a special emphasis on developing countries.
  • In my view, sustainable transport includes pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users as well as animal-driven modes (mainly in rural areas) and similar "miscellaneous" modes. The above-mentioned modes are environmentally friendly, far more economical than motorised modes for shorter distances and suited for use by the majority of the population (ie. ecologically, economically and socially sustainable).
  • I have to admit that you'll mainly find information on cycling and urban issues because that is where I have concentrated my efforts.
  • You will find information concerning private sector initiatives because they are a natural lobby to promote their respective transport modes. This emphasis is also due to my business administration background.
  • I am particularly sensitive to gender issues in transportation so they are included as far as information is available.

EURIST needs your support! Please donate to EURIST e.V.. Donations in Germany are tax deductible there.