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Monday, 21-08-2017

Taxis and Bicycles

by Barbara Gruehl-Kipke

(Poster Velo-City Nantes 2015)

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Taxis are a form of car sharing! Car sharing has been proven to be more effective than owning individual cars.
Public transport does not always allow the transport of bicycles - especially during peak times. Taxis also have the advantage that they provide door-to-door service.

Taxis do not ususally have "down times" and thus use less parking spaces. Taxis are usually well kept (eg. Winter tires, servicing, functioning lights etc.).
Yet one does not usually associate taxis with bicycles.
Intermodality between taxis and bicycles have however been forgotten so far.

Taxis could be used in the following cases:

  • The bicycle needs repair
  • The bicycle need to be used for a one-way trip
  • The weather has turned bad
  • The cyclist becomes sick

The problem is that most taxis do not have the facilities nor do the taxi drivers desire transporting bicycles. The easiest solution would be for bigger taxis to carry straps so that the taxi could accommodate bicycles. Some smaller taxis could have bicycle racks at the back indicating these taxis are bicycle friendly. The objective is to increase the modal share of both cycling and the usage of taxis because they complement each other. The combination of taxis and bicycles increase cyclists flexibility and should therefore be promoted by city governments.