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English Literature

Bardwell, Fletcher, van der Knijff, Caire, McCormack, Richmond, Dixon

Walking in Australia
Lonely planet, 01/2001

Bernhardt, Gale

The female cyclist
Velopress Boulder Colorado, 1999

Boivin, Robert; Pronovost, Jean-Francois

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Dew, Josie

The wind in my wheels
Clays Ltd., 1992, ISBN: 0-7515-0249-9

Fotheringham, Brady

On the trail of Marco Polo
McArthur & Company, 2000, ISBN: 1-55278-168-2

Galen, Ralph W. D.D.S.

2 Weels, 2 Years, 2 Continents
Spring Garden Pub. Co, 1997, ISBN: 0-9612050-7-5

gate issue No 3 1998

Mobility for the Majority

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Glowacz, Dave

Urban Biker's Tricks Tips
Wordspace Press Chicago, 2004

Grigsby, Roger

China By Bike
The Mountaineers, 1994, ISBN: 0-89886-410-0

Heierli, Urs:

Environmental Limits to Motorisation: Non-motorised Transport in Developed and Developing Countries,
SKAT (Swiss Centre for Development Cooperation in Technology and Management), 1993

Herlihy v., David:

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Yale University Press, 2004,480 pages, ISBN-10: 0300104189, ISBN-13: 978-0300104189

Howe, John

"The Bicycle in Afrika: Luxury or Necessity?" von John Howe und Ron Dennis, Beitrag zur VeloCity-Konferenz Nottingham 1993, IHE Working Paper IP-3, Delft 1993

Transport for the poor or poor transport?
A general review of rural transport policy in developing countries with emphasis on low income countries
Published by IHE, ILO, Delft, Geneva, 1996, 77 pages, available from: ILO/ASIST Nairobi

Hurst, Robert

The art of urban city
Falcon Globe Pequot Press, 2004

Iosifidis, Kiriakos

Bike Art: Bicycles in Art around the world

ISBN 978-3-939566-37-3, 2011

Koster, J.H.

Low cost mobility in African cities
M. de Langen, 2001

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The Bicycle: Vehicle for a Small Planet,
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Mills, Don:

All about Shoes : Footwear Through the Ages,
Bata Limited hardcover, Ontario, Canada: Bata, Limited, 1994 hardbound catalogue introduction to the Shoe Museum collections

Mustoe, Anne

Amber, Furs and Cockleshells
Virgin Books London, 2005, ISBN:0-7535-0983-0


Nonmotorized Vehicles in Ten Asian Cities: Trends, Issues and Policies,
World Bank, Report TWU 20, March 1995

Peart, Neil

The masked rider
ECW Press, 1996, 2004

Pendakur, V. Setty:

Motorized and Nonmotorized Transport in Katmandu, Nepal: Where Do the Pedestrians Fit?
Transportation Research Record 1294, p. 26-33

Proceedings of Conferences:

Velo-City Conferences:

Bremen / Nottingham / Basel / Barcelona

Velo-Mondiale Conference:

The Bicycle: Global Perspectives / Perspectives Mondiales sur le Vélo,
compiled by Robert Boivin and Jean-Francois Pronovost, 13-17 Sept.1992, Montréal, Québec, Canada 1992

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Velo Australis

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Sienko, Walter

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Smart cycling

City of Toronto, 1985, ISBN: 8871-570

Smith, Ken

The Canadian Bicycle Bike
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Thompson, Alan

One time around
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Irland to India with a bicycle
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No. 1294, 1372, 1396, 1405, 1441, 1487, 1563
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Report 6: Asia mission report,
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Report 8: DSM City Structure Analysis and Pilot Area Selection

World Bank:

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